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THE CLIP BELOW SHOWS our¬†Socialist Climate Czar, appointed by President Obama without Senate confirmation. ¬†Wanting¬†World Government¬†is fine if your job isn’t to advise the chief executive of only one of those governments. ¬†Our government. ¬†Unless, of course, her boss also wants a world government.

JANUARY, 2011 UPDATE:  Socialist Climate Czar Browner finally exits the Obama administration.

Alright! ¬†We’ve now sat out our¬†Earth Hour in the dark, partied our way through¬†Earth Day celebrations (champagne, horns and confetti) and we’re careening our way toward the grand climax of¬†Earth Month. ¬†It just doesn’t get much better. ¬†Meanwhile, out in media-land, drums of ink have been slathered, billions of electrons exhausted and countless events attended, all to congratulate ourselves on our obsession with a wholesome environment. ¬†It’s the 40th year of a movement kicked off by an ambitious Democratic Senator trying to get out in front of the nascent protest movement manned by hippies, Marxist academics and assorted Nativists (see Rousseau, Thoreau, Marx).

Little did Senator Gaylord Nelson realize that the war protesters, collectivists and amateur anthropologists of then would evolve into an environmental movement that has a realistic goal of controlling the earth’s ecology through control of world government. ¬†Like you, I am more than enthusiastic about natural conservation; about clean air and water and preservation of resources. ¬†Where we part company is when these common-sense measures become a matter of personal virtue for some, and a pathway to political power for others. ¬†(The latter, if you haven’t noticed, sets the agenda for the former.)

And having that agenda dictating measures to be taken in their private lives is welcomed by the faithful because it enhances their sense of virtue.  Intellectually lazy and dependent on propaganda from the movement leaders, they and their friends practice Environmentalism as a New Age religion, while the distant theoreticians scarcely feel the need to share where their group allegiance will take all of us.

I feel threatened by the movement because of where its leaders want to go, and why. ¬†They surely know, as we all should by now, that this whole thing is not about our environment, or energy, or species: ¬†it’s about the age old ‘Leftists against Capitalism.‘ ¬†Their plan is to replace it with something else, perhaps to be decided later, but initially through world government via the United Nations. ¬†That means that our tired old paradigm born of the American Revolution will have to go – slowly, to be sure, but with finality. ¬†Dustbin of history, and all that. ¬†Since I like the founding principles of the US and don’t feel that we are experiencing a crisis of either Capitalism or the planet, I am totally opposed to going beyond prudent conservation principles and traditional free-market democracy – our Constitutional Republic.

On the lighter side, we have a bit of sardonic humor from George Carlin. ¬†If foul language – which I personally adore – bothers you, skip on – if you wish – to my further fulminations on the environment and Leftist True Believers, following the 8 minute video. ¬†In the interest of brevity, I’m going to be relying more on bullet points and hyperlinks to source material. ¬†Some of this is¬†speculative, and some simply can’t be known for sure at this stage of development, so if you’re looking for¬†proof¬†and¬†certainty,¬†you’re on your on, as am I. ¬†We both have to fight through a haze of imperfect information, plus our own preconceptions and comforting convictions – and simply work hard to find verifiable ¬†answers.

I have a proposition here; one I’ve raised before and will undoubtedly raise again, and that is this: Without Anthropogenic Global Warming caused by industrial nations’ emissions of CO2, we have no planetary emergency. ¬†Without the emergency, or its probability, what we refer to as fossil fuels would not have to be restricted beyond the common-sense need to curb pollution. ¬†Before spending trillions and completely upending our way of life in order to please both the virtuous and well-meaning, as well as the empire-building mal-intended, maybe we ought to tune up our BS detectors and dig a lot deeper into what’s going on here.

This calls for a quick anecdote. ¬†I’m attending a local live theater performance of a play called “The Johnstown Flood” and I’m writhing in mental anguish as the clearly communist-inspired playwright has a young man striding about the stage and shouting for us to all stand up against the injustice of unequal pay. ¬†I looked at my fellow attendees who were all twice the age of the actor – for sure – and probably the playwright as well, and were able to pay $53 a ticket and another $20 for parking only because of the Capitalist system being denounced for their edification. ¬†Theater folks, you see, think that they are supposed to be our conscience. ¬†Since their conscience is, culturally, Socialist, it’s all that’s on hand to deliver for our supposed benefit.

But here’s what I concluded with 20/20 hindsight. ¬†All of us sat and quietly listened to this crap – resenting every minute, with no trace of entertainment benefit or provocative adult insight (something the theater used to do prior to becoming our ‘conscience’ – out of¬†politeness.¬†Out of courtesy, no one would boo or shout out denouncements, let alone throw tomatoes, a tradition long since past. ¬†And I wondered if ourcowardice¬†about this matter didn’t actually extend to the environmentalists and socialists, as well. ¬†How many of us simply won’t tell our friends, or our Congress-Creature, or anyone, really, that Socialism is a murderous disaster. ¬†Americans whine, but are too polite to complain. ¬†We vote for personalities instead of substance. ¬†Now, it’s serious, and unless we grow up, fast, the consequences will be as cruel as any in history.

Back to ‘Earth’: ¬†Bjorn Lomborg, director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, and a man thoroughly despised by the Greens as a traitor, has a short, interesting piece here reminding us of the great strides that have been made with the environment and how stubborn environmental doctrine victimizes those in the developing world who need (fossil fuel) help most. ¬†Take a quick look, right here.

In the same vein, but with more data points is¬†Reason Magazine’s¬†Science Editor, Ronald Bailey, author of “Liberation Biology: The Scientific and Moral Case for the Biotech Revolution.He traces the history of Earth Day, its founder and goals. ¬†His conclusion is that those goals have been almost completely realized and it’s time for a new approach. ¬†Enjoy reading it, here.

Since we’re addressing both¬†Climate Change¬†and¬†Global Green Ambitions, there are two more references that are pertinent. ¬†In other words, the science and the politics. ¬†On the political side, we turn to a site called¬†undue influence.com,¬†where they devote a lot of energy to following the politics of the Green Movement. ¬†Since ruling the world is an idea that is considered too crazy or threatening to discuss openly, the proponents of global green dominance have to be listened to pretty closely in order to determine their agenda, and whether it seems possible. ¬†Ron Arnold of the¬†Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise¬†hit pay-dirt at a conference, and he shares his insights here.¬†Read the whole thing.

Finally, for source material, we direct you to¬†a really interesting paper! ¬†It’s titled¬† Oil is NOT a Fossil Fuel and AGW ¬†is Non-Science.” ¬†This is not a title meant for provocation, but a serious introduction to the Russian-Ukrainian theory of deep, abiotic oil creation, one that has turned them (Russia) into the largest petroleum producing and exporting nation in the world today. ¬†This is a very accessible read, with links to the science reports. ¬†The second part of the article delves into the nonsense of Anthropogenic Global Warming, with references to proofs (supposedly) of its impossibility. ¬†He also references the¬†Petition Project,¬†in which 30,000 scientists avow that the science is not remotely settled. ¬†You can read the whole thing here.

Since that’s quite a bit to digest for one “Earth Blog,’ ¬†I think I’ll just limit myself to some provocative assertions, some linked, some not – more a matter of time spent in hyperlinking than the availability of source material. ¬†Most everything in the non-comprehensive list that follows is actually contained in the links I’ve already provided, above. ¬†Enjoy.

There is NO emergency for the planet

Cheap fuel is at the heart of our economy

We ARE self-sufficient in energy

There are NO fossil fuels

If petroleum is non-fossil in origin, is natural gas also?

If abiotic, there is no such thing as “Peak Oil”

Abiotic means geothermal, i.e. sustainable

If oil is unlimited, discontinue unnecessary subsidies of renewables

If renewable subsidies discontinued, possible ‘Green Bubble’ could result

Stop covering our land with windmills and solar panels (they’re ugly, inefficient,expensive and marginal)

Stop putting our corn in gas tanks, raising food prices

Stop the government’s ban on exploration and drilling

Nuclear is safe to dispose and recycle

Nuclear is expensive to build; very cheap to operate

Modern exhaust-gas filters and scrubber, together with carbon sequestration, make coal our cheapest and most plentiful US resource

Yucca mountain is fine:  good for storing current accumulation; not necessary with modern plants

Smaller nuclear plants mean faster build, economical, more numerous

Battery disposal may be ‘Achilles-wheel’ of electric car

Cost to consumer of battery-replacement (shortens car life; raises cost; disposal problem)

There is NO AGW

CO2 is essential to life on earth (we exhale it; trees inhale it – it’s essential plant food)

CO2 is a trace gas

An increase in CO2 doesn’t increase ambient temperature

CO2 is a RESULT of warming; not a CAUSE

Warming is caused by the sun:  Heliocentric Global Warming

Predicted global catastrophe is based on flawed computer modeling

Models have failed to accurately predict short term or recent past

Not possible to predict long term

Scientific community has been bought by grant money

Government and Industry have bought into a “Green Economy”

Scientific method has been abandoned, i.e., consensus is a political word, not science

Many specialists (retired, non-academic, i.e., beyond coercion) say climate science is young and indefinite

Our air and water have already been purified substantially over the last 40 years

It is poverty, not prosperity, that destroys habitat

DDT is safe

GMO food is safe

Climate, energy and food debates are actually about Capitalism vs. Socialism

Premise behind movement is that technical progress and financial complexity are self-destructive; in order to heal humanity, we must return to a more simple, biologically harmonious way of life (see Rousseau; Thoreau; Marx).

Western NGO’s are governments-in-waiting, dedicated to world government on socialist model, w/environmentalism as pathway to power

Marx regarded Capitalism as a necessary step on the path to socialism

Mass transit is impractical and unnecessary (large urban, approx 1.7% of all transport)

The automobile is our liberating reward for study and work and good government.

Transport is technically-evolving with private-sector funds

Governments want to OWN the sources of taxation; eliminate the independent wealth-creator

Urban sprawl is code for affordable growth

Central Planning is inherently authoritarian and regressive

Glaciers are supposed to melt (results in beneficial fresh-water lakes)

Polar Bears are aquatic and increasing in number

Some of our viewers on this site have written requesting more opinion; well, the above should be enough to last you until the next Earth Day!

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