More snark than grump, Gary T. Gress is a youngish retiree who started out about 15 years ago wondering about the origins of all the ‘political correctness’ he was experiencing.  Turns out it was just the front edge of a full-fledged culture war that has riven our society for decades and is having a profound effect on everything from personal relationships to the viability of the founding fathers’ vision for the Republic.

The essence of the struggle is very old:  the philosophical divide between collectivists and individualists.  This country – the only one in world history to be founded on an idea – was created to protect the individual.  Unfortunately, the case for this has not been well-made in recent years by American citizens.  Thus, this blog.  I have neither the wisdom nor training to answer all the questions that this situation brings to mind, but I have confidence that together, thinking these things through as individuals, we can reach a level of clarity that reveals actions we can take to retain our hard-won freedoms.

Our message to the government:  Protect us from foreign enemies, each other, and you.  Stop bribing us with bad policy.  Be dull and predictable.  George Washington thanks you.

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