Apr 162010
Tea Party Nation

A FEW WORDS ABOUT TEA PARTIES: It’s not about race. It’s not about political party. It’s not transitory. We could add that they’re also not about ideology, but that would be a lie. ¬†The ideology is Americanism: ¬†an abiding belief in the founding principles and that the current ‘regime’ has violated them. ¬†Many pundits have already pointed out the disgrace of our government denouncing its dissenting citizens as “racists, homophobes and morons.” ¬†With the cooperation of the usual suspects in the media, they’ve desperately tried to paint us (yes, I have attended) as violence-prone crazies, not unlike the fringe-ier militias. ¬†More recently, as similar to the bombers of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma in ’95, or the guy who recently attacked an IRS office building with his private plane. This is an old Saul Alinsky tactic, based on an old Marxist tactic: ¬†tell a lie often enough and it becomes recognized as the truth. ¬†Well, not only is the public catching on to this nonsense faster than these (unimaginative morons) would like, but their ‘movement,’ the one we foolishly elected, is now looking at our ‘movement.’ Ours started in 1776; theirs in 1917. ¬†They want to use their revolution to defeat ours; ¬†they are counter-revolutionaries. ¬† They have history on their side when they assume that we can be dismissed; that we’ll get tired or distracted and go away. ¬†Wrong. ¬†Not this time. ¬†The election of their movement and its attempt to collectivize our society in contravention of our society’s basis in the protection of the individual has gotten our attention. ¬†We are focused and angry. And how could our focus on Washington not reveal the open fester that is the bazaar our precious system has gradually become? ¬†How could we not notice when our more candid elected officials tell us that it is no longer possible for them to change this disaster from within. ¬†The very ‘Cui Bono’ politicians who are most profiting from the status quo are the one’s asked to change it. ¬†And who can blame them. ¬†They’ve each overcome great difficulties to learn and take continue reading